Mike Huckabee SLAMS Jeff Flake for Sneaking Behind Trump’s Back

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake recently released a book titled “Conservative with a Conscience” where he repeatedly bashes President Trump. The only problem with this is that he has never aired these grievances out with Trump himself in an effort to compromise on anything.

Mike Huckabee went on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” and railed against the schoolboy tactic employed by Jeff Flake after Flake was surprised that President Trump tweeted words against him earlier this week.

“He should have known that when you poke at Donald Trump, he is going to come back at you. … My gosh, did somebody miss the entire 2016 presidential race and not see the primary as well as the general election?”

Huckabee encourages lawmakers to speak to the president directly if they have any issues with him.

The former governor of Arkansas accuses Flake of using smear tactics against President Trump to sell more books to a wider audience.

“What it seemed that Jeff Flake was interested in doing was selling a lot of books. By taking on Donald Trump, every liberal show was just gushing over him for having done that.”

One of his final quotes will likely infuriate Jeff Flake and Trump critics all over the country:

“What they need to remember is that they live in this bubble called Washington. They need to get out of it every now and then and honestly go out in America and meet some of the 50 plus million people who voted for Donald Trump to be president.”

Real, red blooded Americans want their lawmakers to stop obstructing President

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