INCREDIBLE! Ben Carson Just Risked EVERYTHING For Trump

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson participated in an interview with NBC Washington this week after his home was targeted by vandals.

Carson said his Northern Virginia home was toilet-papered and the words “F Trump” were painted on it by vandals.

He believes he was targeted he is the most prominent African-American in Trump’s cabinet and the vandals wanted to make a statement. Carson told NBC that he has cleaned up the mess and wants to move forward.

He then said something that shows how much he supports President Trump and echoes his statements after the Charlottesville violence.

 “I am pleased that the President overtly disavowed any relationship with white supremacists. We should all reject the forces of division on all sides of the political spectrum. There are radical terrorists in the world who want to destroy us and are coming dangerously close to acquiring the means to accomplish their goals.”

Carson also added that the media has blown Trump’s response WAY out of proportion – as usual…

“It is sad watching the political pundits arguing about whether President Trump went far enough in condemning the instigators of the violence in Charlottesville. The point of my previous post is that we are falling to the trap of fighting ourselves when we have a much bigger enemy who is reveling in the state of confusion and discord that exist in our country.”

Carson told NBC that he does not believe it is up to President Trump to bring the country together, it is the responsibility of the American people. Trump is doing his very best to make America great, but he cannot do it alone!

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